Being injured at work is scary and frustrating. You are worried about getting the medical care you need to recover from your injury while you are worried about your job and the loss of income. A Florida workplace injury can turn your life upside down.

Our Boca Raton workers’ comp attorneys understand your fears and want to help ease the stress you are experiencing because of a Florida workplace injury. You are entitled to seek legal counsel after an accident on the job. Our attorneys provide free consultations so you can get the advice you need about your Florida workplace injury. Below is a brief discussion of five important factors in a workers’ comp claim that we discuss during your free consultation.

Is Your Injury Covered by Florida’s Workers’ Compensation System?

While workers’ comp covers most injuries at work, not all workplace accidents are covered. You must have been acting within the scope of your employment for your injury to be covered by insurance. If you decided to run a personal errand without permission and you fell and were injured, this may not be covered by workers’ comp.

Calculating Average Weekly Wage is Very Important.

If your average weekly wage is not calculated correctly, you could receive less money each week you are out of work. Our attorneys explore all forms of compensation to ensure you receive the maximum allowable benefit.

Have You Suffered a Previous Injury?

Just because you suffered a previous injury to the same area does not mean that you are not entitled to seek workers’ compensation for your Florida workplace injury. However, we do need to discuss the previous injury and how it could impact your claim.

Can Your Employer Accommodate Any Work Restrictions?

If your doctor places you on modified duty, we need to discuss whether your employer can accommodate your work restrictions. It is not your duty to ensure your employer makes accommodations required by your physician. However, we want to make sure that you are not doing more than your physician cleared you to do at work.

Do You Qualify for Other Benefits?

You may be entitled to receive other workers’ comp benefits in addition to medical treatment and income benefits such as compensation for a permanent disability. Our attorneys work diligently to ensure you are receiving all benefits you are entitled to receive under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws.

Know Your Legal Rights

Your employer or its insurance carrier must provide certain information. If you are not receiving medical care or you feel you are not being treated fairly after being injured at work, contact our office immediately. If your employer tries to make you return to work before your doctor releases you, requires you to perform tasks not approved by your doctor, or threatens to fire you, you need an attorney immediately.

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If you have suffered a Florida workplace injury, we want to help you receive the benefits you deserve. The Broderick Law Firm, P.L. represents clients in the West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, & Miami areas.