Summer can be particularly dangerous for some workers. The hot summer months can increase work-related accidents in some industries. Employers and employees need to take steps to reduce the risk of injury to workers during the summer. Below are several of the common summer work hazards faced by Florida workers.

    • Heat-Related Illnesses — Heat stroke, heat stress, sunburns, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps can be more common during the extremely hot months of summer. Outdoor workers are especially at risk; however, indoor workers can also suffer from heat-related illnesses. provides guidelines, tips and a list of symptoms for heat illnesses on its website.
    • Dehydration — Dehydration can be very serious. Workers should always stay hydrated, especially in summer months. Knowing the signs of dehydration can help you reduce your risk of suffering from this potentially dangerous and severe condition.
    • Traffic-Related Accidents — More people are on the road during the summer traveling for pleasure. The additional traffic can put workers at risk who work on road construction sites, travel for work, or work near roadways. Take extra precautions to avoid collisions and accidents involving vehicles during the summer months.

Employers can take steps to reduce some accidents, especially heat-related illnesses by educating their workers in safe practices. Employers should encourage frequent breaks, provide any safety equipment, and plan for emergencies to protect workers this summer.

What if My Employer Denies My Workers’ Comp Claim?

Some employers may try to deny your claim based on the fact that it occurred because of something out of the employer’s control (i.e. the weather) or by claiming you did not take the recommended precautions. However, these reasons are not valid reasons for denying a workers’ comp claim. Workers’ compensation insurance protects employees when they are injured at work. It is a “no-fault” insurance system that does not require the employee or the employer to prove someone was negligent in causing the accident. In other words, you are not required to prove your employer or another party is responsible for your injury. Furthermore, the employer does not need to be in “control” of the situation to be responsible under workers’ compensation laws. For example, a worker who suffers heat stroke from working outside is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits even though the employer had no control over the weather. The employee would still be eligible for benefits even if he did not take a break from working that day. The fact that the injury occurred while the worker was performing his or her job duties is enough to qualify for benefits.

Call a Boca Raton Workers Comp Attorney for Help

Workers’ comp insurance companies sometimes deny valid claims. If your claim is denied, contact our Boca Raton workers comp attorney immediately. You must take steps to protect your right to file an appeal of the denial. Do not wait to contact a workers comp attorney to discuss your options if you are denied workers’ comp benefits. The Broderick Law Firm, P.L. offers free consultations so you can get the information you need about your workers’ comp claim. Contact our office today 1-800-333-3903 to speak with a Florida workers comp attorney. We represent individuals in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale & Miami, FL.