Insurance Rates and Florida Car Accidents

Have you been involved in a south Florida car accident? Are you struggling to pay expensive medical bills and living expenses while you recover from your injuries? Are you unable to work because a negligent driver caused a car crash? If so, our car accident lawyers want to help you. We can provide the legal counsel and support you and your family need as you concentrate on your recovery. We can also answer questions about your car accident claim including how a Florida car accident will affect your insurance rates.

Car Accidents and Insurance Rates

In most cases, if the car accident is not your fault, it will not affect your insurance rates. However, if you are the driver who caused the car crash, it is highly likely you will have higher insurance rates at least for the next several years. A new study suggests drivers who file claims against their insurance policy and drivers who have claims filed against their insurance parties by accident victims tend to see an increase in their insurance rates. This may not be true in all cases. Each insurance company and accident claim is different; therefore, you may not experience an increase in your insurance rates depending on the circumstances and facts of your vehicle accident. Several factors are used by insurance companies to calculate your insurance cost.

Fault is one of the biggest factors in determining if your insurance rates will increase following an accident. Your driving record affects your insurance rates; therefore, causing an accident can increase the amount you pay for insurance. In addition to your driving record, insurance companies use several other factors to calculate your insurance rates including but not limited to:

    • Age;
    • Gender;
    • Marital status;
    • Type of vehicle;
    • Type(s) of insurance coverage;
    • Amount(s) of insurance coverage;
    • Deductible amount; and,
    • Where you live.

Most insurance companies only raise your insurance rates for a vehicle accident you cause for a few years. It is not a permanent increase in the cost of insurance. If you keep a clean driving record for two to three years, you will see your insurance rates decrease. Furthermore, some insurance companies offer benefits such as “first-time accident protection” whereby you will not experience an increase in your insurance rates if this is your first car crash.

Car insurance protects everyone and insurance is required by law to operate a vehicle in Florida legally. Our experienced car accident attorneys can help you recover the maximum compensation available by law if you are injured in a south Florida car accident. It is vital that you have an attorney with experience in vehicle accidents to investigate the accident to prove that the other driver was at fault. This ensures you receive compensation for your injuries and protects your insurance rates from increases.

Florida South Beach Car Accident Attorneys

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