Almost 13,000 Americans are injured at work each day, according to a study by The National Safety Council. What is really frightening and discouraging is that nearly every injury is preventable. Keys to reducing the number of workplace injuries include:

    • Ensuring safety programs are in place;
    • Workers are educated; and,
    • Workers are monitored to ensure they follow the correct procedures.

One method of meeting these goals is by offering an incentive program for workers to increase active participation in safety training programs and increase the level of follow through on the lessons learned in safety education classes. Employees are more motivated to follow regulations and procedures when they receive rewards for their efforts.

The Importance of Recognition

When employees leave a company, the two reasons cited most often for leaving a company are a lack of compensation and lack of recognition. Employees want recognition for their accomplishments, and they want fair compensation. Employers who understand the importance of these two factors can use incentive programs as positive motivators to reduce workplace injuries.

Recognition often works best either in the moment or at key events in front of co-workers. Positive reinforcement in the form of public recognition motivates the person involved, and the workers present when the employee is recognized. The result is that everyone works harder to do their best. Compensation in the form or cash or gift cards is also a successful motivation tool.

When you combine recognition on a company-wide level and financial compensation for meeting safety goals, you encourage all employees to be more diligent in workplace activities. Each employee pays more attention to safety matters in hopes of receiving the same recognition and compensation as his fellow employee.

The cost of compensation and recognition is minimal compared to the costs of dealing with a serious workplace injury. The employee benefits by protecting his or her health and the employer benefits by reducing the cost of workplace injuries. Employees are more productive, and the employer doesn’t have to pay to deal with workers’ compensation claims when incentive programs are used as a means of encouraging workplace safety.

Another Key to Reducing Workplace Injuries By Using Incentive Programs

An employer’s goal is to minimize the number of workplace injuries. Positive reinforcement can ensure that employees are following protocols and that they are trained in the best workplace practices and safety requirements. A company that sets safety goals encourages employees to work with the company to meet those goals.

The key to success in this endeavor is to ensure adequate safety training is in place and all employees are involved in the training. Every employee should be made aware of the recognition and compensation when they are hired. Clearly-set safety goals should be communicated to all workers with continual monitoring to ensure best practices are observed in all situations.

An employer should not expect an employee to follow safety protocols and procedures without proper and continued training. Safety classes and training classes should be held on a regular basis. Safety classes should be conducted during working hours to make the classes mandatory. The loss of productivity, while an employee is in a safety class, is far less compared to the lost revenue when an employee is injured on the job.

Have You Been Injured On The Job?

If you have been injured at work, you may be facing substantial losses due to your injury. You are entitled to receive benefits under Florida’s workers’ comp laws if you are hurt while performing your job. However, some employers and insurance companies want to limit benefit or deny coverage to save money. A worker who is hurt in a workplace accident should not need to worry that he or she will not receive the benefits provided by Florida’s workers’ compensation system.

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