You may not have paid any money up front to hire your workers’ comp attorney, but he still represents you and is working on your behalf. Therefore, what can you expect from your Florida workers’ comp attorney? If you call your attorney and you don’t get to talk to him right away, are you being unreasonable?

Your Relationship with Your Florida Workers’ Comp Attorney

Many people who hire our Boca Raton workers’ comp law firm have never worked with an attorney before now. Therefore, they don’t know what to expect when they hire a law firm. For some, the only experience they have with an attorney or a law firm is what they have read or seen on social media, television, or movies. Below are some things you can expect from your Florida workers’ comp attorney.

    • Prompt return of telephone calls. An attorney cannot always take your call when you contact the office because he is in court or meeting with other clients. You should be able to expect a return call within a reasonable time. Ask the attorney during your consultation to explain the office’s policies for returning telephone calls.
    • You can expect to speak with the attorney. If you never see or speak to the attorney, something is wrong. Paralegals and other staff members work on your case and assist the attorney. You may speak with staff members far more than you speak with the attorney, but the attorney should be available if you need him.
    • An attorney should not settle your case without discussing the settlement with you first. Your attorney has a duty to present the settlement to you and discuss the pros and cons, but the decision to settle remains your decision.
    • Your attorney should listen to your story and get all the details and facts before advising you about your options. Your attorney may believe one option is better than another option, but he has a duty to present all available options to you.
    • If a problem arises in your case, your attorney should contact you immediately to discuss the problem and how he proposes to resolve the issue.
    • Your attorney should keep you informed about the progress of your claim. It could take several months for something to happen. The attorney may not call you each week, but you should be able to expect routine updates.

If you are not receiving proper service from your attorney, you have the right to retain other counsel. However, we urge you to speak with your attorney first because the situation may be a misunderstanding. Sometimes things do come up or go in a different direction causing confusion and frustration. Discussing your concerns with your Boca Raton workers’ comp attorney should be your first avenue to resolve the matter. If he refuses to speak with you, we urge you to see other counsel before deadlines are missed in your case. However, you must also remember that you have a duty as a client to be honest and forthcoming with your attorney. You should respond immediately to calls or requests from your attorney’s office. Failing to cooperate with your attorney could jeopardize your claim.

Call a Boca Raton Workers’ Comp Attorney

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