Teen Killed in Boca Raton Diving Accident

A freediving accident claimed the life of a teen near Boca Raton this week, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. The teen, 15-year-old Skyler Hunt, was the subject of a desperate U.S. Coast Guard search after he was reported missing. Tony Coulter, a private charter boat captain with a team of divers from the Palm Beach County Reef Research Team, volunteered to help with the search. After nearly 90 minutes, Hunt’s body was found by one of the divers laying on a reef beneath more than 50 feet of water. “One of the divers came up with the boy in his arms, [saying] we found the free diver,” said Coulter. “Sad. It was a horrible situation and I was feeling let’s get him on the boat and see what we can [do].” Authorities report that the investigation into Hunt’s death is still ongoing.

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