Four People Forced to Abandon Burning Boat near Boca Raton Inlet

An early morning boating accident fire in Boca Raton forced four passengers to jump ship. The boat was a few miles offshore when the owner called for help after the engine compartment caught fire. A Boca Raton tow boat operator, Stephen Reuss, reported that he helped the boat accident victims get off the burning boat which was just offshore. He then towed the burning boat to the shoreline which was quickly totally engulfed in flames. The Boca Raton Fire put out the fire once the boat reached Lake Boca Raton. Fortunately, due to the quick actions by Reuss no one was injured in the Boca Raton boating accident. Although the 38-foot boat didn’t fare as well as the passengers. The boat was badly damaged and appears to be a complete loss. Our Boca Raton boating accident attorneys following the story urge you to make sure that your boat is safe so that in the event of a fire like this all passengers will be protected. It’s a good idea to have your boat safety inspected annually and make sure that you have all the required emergency equipment on board just in case you have a boating accident.

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