Because more children will be on the roads riding their bicycles in just a few weeks, our attorneys feel it is an appropriate time to remind motorists and parents to take steps to protect their children from the risk of bicycle accidents. As school becomes a distant memory and the days grow longer, more children pull out their bicycles to spend the beautiful summer days riding from one friend’s house to another or from their home to the park. Bicyclists face an increased risk of being injured in a traffic-related accident because of distracted drivers, road debris, slick surfaces, traffic, and other hazards. However, when we increase the number of bicycle riders on our roads each summer, we increase the risk of a bicycle accident. Help prevent a tragic accident this summer by taking a few minutes to review the following safety tips for parents and motorists.

Bicycle Safety Tips for Parents

You are the first defense your child has against distracted, speeding, and reckless drivers. Below are several children’s bicycle safety tips that can help keep your child safe this summer:

    • Children must always wear protective gear, including a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. Bicycle helmets have been shown to greatly reduce the risk of serious head trauma and death in bicycle accidents.
    • Don’t allow children to ride dawn, dusk, and nighttime when visibility is too low.
    • Dress your child in neon or brightly colored clothing to increase visibility.
    • Don’t allow your child to ride with headphone or earphones.
    • Riding with your child is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of an accident and teach safe biking skills. If you cannot ride with your child, encourage your child to ride in groups instead of alone.

Bicycle Safety Tips for Motorists

Don’t let speed, reckless behavior, or distractions take the life of a child. You must be vigilant at all times to watch for bicyclists, especially children, this summer. Slow down and remain alert when approach and driving through neighborhoods, schools, and parks. Avoid distractions that take your eye or mind off the road ahead. When you are approaching a child on a bicycle, remember that child may dart into traffic without any notice. Slow down and be prepared to take evasive action, if safe, to avoid a collision.

For more information about children and bicycle safety see:

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