When people think of work injuries, they often think of factories, remote job sites, and construction jobs. An office job rarely comes to mind when thinking about a workers’ comp claim. However, there are dangers in the office that you may not be aware of until too late. Here are some of the more common office job-related injuries that may result in a Florida workers’ comp claim.


You can fall anywhere, even in an office setting. A wet floor or trip hazard can cause you to lose your balance or slip and fall. A fall can lead to long-term injuries and time off from work. Employers should repair loose or worn carpeting or other floorings, remove trip hazards, and secure things like cords and wire. Spills should be cleaned up immediately.

Lifting Injuries

Anything from a box of copy paper to heavy electronics can cause an injury when someone tries to lift it. Improper techniques for lifting can lead to a serious or even chronic problem. Some of the basic strategies to help prevent a lifting injury include:

    • Bend your knees when you lift
    • Ask for help
    • Use a hand truck to help with heavy objects

Falling Objects

An unsecured shelving unit or open cabinets can lead to falling objects that cause injuries to a person’s head, back, or other areas. It’s important to avoid storing heavy items up high and to secure shelving units and cabinets to the wall.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Sometimes just the act of doing your job can lead to injuries. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome often occurs from repetitive typing. Sitting in a chair that is either worn out or does not provide adequate support can lead to back pain or neck strain. To resolve these issues, you may need to get a different chair, adjust the chair, move the computer keyboard, and take routine breaks. You can also wear a brace on your wrists while you type. Some modern offices have standup desks, which can reduce certain physical problems.

It’s important to take steps to prevent injury before it happens. If you notice a danger or have a problem with the design of your desk or work area, talk to your boss. You can work together to ensure a safe workplace that meets your needs. You want to avoid injuries, which is why it is necessary to address any problems when they first appear.

Have You Been Injured at Work?

If you have suffered a workplace injury, we can help. Contact our Boca Raton workers’ comp attorney for a free appointment. It is important that you document your injury and follow the doctor’s instructions regarding your care. However, if your employer or its insurance company is denying medical care or you are not satisfied with your doctor, you have options.

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